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Riding Toward The Sun Pt. 3

Right now I’m waiting for the camera to charge so I can go out and take reference pictures. Around the neighborhood I’m staying at. I’m already in Toronto but I am dead tired the night of getting here. It was probably the only creepy ride I had on the greyhound so far. I was falling asleep on the bus curled up in a ball on the seats. I am asleep when I feel a hand on my head thinking it was my dad I woke up excepting to see him. But it wasn’t the case I see a shadowy figure standing over me and then I remember I’m on the bus. I jump back startled a lady stares at me and goes to the girl next to me. She pulls her foot, then the lady goes to the mother and daughter behind me. “What?! What?!” the mother says in a beautiful accent. The lady finally sits back down I think that she had some type of illness. I didn’t sleep well after that.


When I got here nothing interesting happened I just came inside the room tired. The Wifi password they gave me was a little wrong they forgot a symbol in it. So I went to the Starbucks down the street to call my mommy. I stood there until she picked up the phone. Unfortunately it was loud and she could pick up the voices on the microphone. I come back to the hostel I sit down over looking a skyline from my room, one of my roommates is here. I share the room with 9 other girls in any case this wouldn’t be a problem right? Well wrong, I feel awkward around them, why? Well that’s easy, I never been around so many woman since I was 5. I have nothing but brothers, all my neighbors were boys, I had nothing but uncles until I was 9. I never even knew I had an aunt let alone three. And Cecy didn’t start dating my uncle George til my early teens. Yeah I’m a Tomboy and it feels weird I feel as if I was dropped off into another planet but they are very nice girls. One of them help connect my wifi. Its just I don’t know what to talk about with them. What do I say talk about……mind fart………nothing. When I was in Montreal it was a totally different story I felt completely comfortable. Among the boys and they treated me like one of the guys too. Tattoo as scary as he looked he was the kindest. But that’s OK I guess I have to be comfortable around girls it will take a bit.


Traveling inspires me, when I see certain things I can picture scenes. That’s one thing I like about traveling I love looking around. But here is one thing I really, really, hate. The minute I step off that bus, I have Mexican food withdrawals. The cravings started at 6 pm. after I called home to find out if my nephew is mad at me…he is…it strikes…TACOS! TACOS! As hard as I try to curb the craving with some trail mix and sandwiches it was too strong. But thankfully my sleepiness was stronger I fell asleep half way into writing the 5th panel. After waking up for the 20th time, watching Ugly Betty, and taking a shower I walk into the room than I realize something….it stinks in here. Now I miss my brothers now at least their rooms smelled like axe. Most of the time unless Anthony has his shoes off of course

Now here I am waiting for the camera to charge snow is starting to fall outside. Just finishing my first and only cup of coffee today. From the Starbucks down the street the employees there were bored enough. To start seeing who can open a carton of milk with cups on their hands.

“Just call me Edward cup hands.” the girl said, I laugh “This is happening now I know if anything happens to my hands “

“just attach some cups” I start to laugh as she opens it up fully “She did it!” I call to the other employee.

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