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Riding Towards The Sun Pt.2

Months Ago:

Music blasting, the sounds of the keyboard keys clicking, on the side a sketchbook. With an original character waiting patiently to be finished. Creative energy overflowing, everything is perfect. Then BING the blackness fade, the keyboard stops the clicking, the o.c. waits even longer now. The overflowing creative energy now is capped and I am scared “What the hell was that?!” I said

“New comment” Myspace said, fearing that I might crash the site for throwing my groove off.

“Aww Jeff you suck” I said, on the couch here he comes the defender of the universe. The Pint-size Hero with his battle face ready. Evil doer sighted, time to give her something to think about

“Jeff doesn’t suck!” and with a swift thumb he points at himself “Jeff is my friend!”

“Ok, Ok, Jeff doesn’t suck.” Evil doer admits defeat time to get some Mac and Cheese.

March 2, 2011

In a matter of days I will see him as March 8 approaches fast. I catch my heart ready to leap out of my chest at certain times. It’s a scary feeling trust me, my nephew came by this week like many other times. He comes into my room to play with The Evil Dr. Porkchop that sits on top of my drawer. As I sit at the kitchen working on a picture book. “Tia.” he said I look down at him in his hands, he holds a Christmas present. That was never mailed in fear that it might break along the way.

“Tia what’s in here?”

“A present for someone.”

“Can I see it?”

“No.” I take it from him he follows me into my room. I set it on my bed my nephew climbs on to my bed. “But why not?”

“Because its not for you.”

“Who’s is it for?” than I remember months ago when he told me off.

“Its for your friend.”

“My friend?”

“Yeah don’t you remember your friend Jeff?”

“Oh yeah my friend! When is my friend going to come?”

“I’m going to meet him in Canada.” and then I get the feeling that he thinks Canada is down the street.

“Well….do you have a phone?”

“I have a phone but I don’t have his phone number.”

“Why not?”

“Because, come on get off the bed”


“Why not?”

“Becuase I’m going to wait for my friend so I can open his present.” I start to laugh at this so cute.

“But papa he can’t come.”

“Why not?”

“Because he’s in studio right now.”

“In studio?”

“Yeah he’s like Pio, he has a band and he plays guitar just like you.”

“I have a guitar.”

“I know you do that’s what he plays.”

“What does Jeff look like?”

“How about I show you?”

I load up his most recent music video. A song called I Just Want You To Know. He looks at it listening to the guitar…familiar “Its Pio’s band.”

“No that’s not Pio’s band, Pio’s band looks tougher.”

“Oh so that not Pio’s band?” I shake my head “ok where is he?” I pause the video at 50 seconds and point at Jeff. Who has dyed his hair blonde covering his head with a hat. He wears all black only white letters on his shirt that read Racism Sucks. He holds a Schecter Ultra III it stands out as well a beautiful beige and brown. He plays this song proudly with his band mates. Completely unaware of the little boy in Chicago who waits patiently on his Tia’s bed. So that Jeff may come so he can open his friend’s present. So he sits on that same spot he hasn’t moved from for an hour. He watches his friend in his studio playing the guitar. Just like him, his Pio, his daddy, and sometimes just sometimes like his Tia. (who needs to practice more.) I leave the room and he talks to his Grandpa, Yia Yia (hates to be called great grandma), and Pio about his friend Jeff or was it Jack? He waits…I leave for work…the morning comes. I just came back home from dropping the family dog Baby off at PAWS. He is awake and looks brokenhearted I know why too but I ask anyway “What’s wrong papa?”

“My friend didn’t come.” my heart stings as two tears run down my eyes because I now regret reminding him about Jeff.

“Do you want me to kick his butt and make him come to see you?”


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