Well I guess in order to get off the ground you have to start somewhere right? That is why I launched this “open journal” I’m sorry for some reason I really don’t like the word blog. I don’t know if there is anyone out there reading this maybe a couple of my friends. If that’s the case I love you guys ^.^ but who knows its only been a couple days…well three days to be exact. What I want to do with this site? Well I don’t want to put up the entire story of the Book Of Days. But instead put up a mini comic series (still working on the name) for my side characters. Now why on earth would I d that wasn’t I advise to never do that cause a prelude could kill your story? Well yeah but its just like me not to listen I mean its not like its going to be included inside the book. And their back stories where screaming to be told who am I to deny my characters that? Well until the script is done here is an excerpt for the Book Of Days.

Enjoy…whoever you are and thanks for reading,

Kary Rogue Sanchez


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