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The Stranger

­Carlos Andres Gomez one of my favorite poets just told me I only have 60 seconds to live

And I could only take one memory with me

“Which will it be?” he says

Then the flashbacks start and my head hurts as I see my memories unfold in front of me

Will it be of my dad

A handsome noble man who had nothing in his name but love to give me and my brothers

And tried his best to raise this awkward girl?

No not that one

Or one of my grandmother?

A beautiful strong woman who figured after seven kids she is done raising them

But saw the fate of laid before us

So she decided to change our fate in order to keep us together

Whom worked harder to keep a roof and food in our bellies so we won’t know the pain of hunger again

No…that not it

What about my younger brothers?

Four sweet and innocent young men over towering their older sister whom sometimes forget that they are the little ones

The only thing that was constant in my childhood and though we are growing up and apart

I still love them

No…that’s not right either

What about of my friends?

Who know almost everything about me the only ones I hardly ever hide anything from

Their warm friendship I obtain after years of hate and solitude

They showed me the true meaning of friendship and what fun really is

No….there are too many memories trying to figure it out is much harder than it seems

And I feel like giving up how can I possibly take only one?

When there is so many?

Then I see it a man with dyed blonde hair

His roots turning his natural dark brown color

Studying a picture book I made while holding his left hand to his heart

Wait…rewind…it goes back to that night my last day in Toronto

I was soaked from head to toe looking for this golden griddle restaurant

Sad cause I just seen a distance memory on a passerby face who looked like a dead friend

Losing half my art supplies

Haven’t actually eat anything from being sick for an entire week

Feeling like an outcast in a group of kind people who are all going to the same place

Yeah I couldn’t possibly see how worse or better this day can get

Then I see him bent down in front of me taking lyrics of familiar sounding monitors

And suddenly my shittacular day doesn’t seem so shittacular

“Who is he?” Carlos says

“A stranger who only up until now I’ve seen.”

Then I start to question myself why out of all my memories does this one stand out?

Tim Horton’s 1:00 am everyone is saying their good-byes

He over hears a conversation me and his friend are having

“So you’re leaving tomorrow.”

“Yes sir.”

“Wait what?!?! Why?!?!”

“I have been here for a week and I have a show on Sunday so they need me for set up tomorrow night.”

He throws his arms around me holding me to the point of suffocation my ribs hurt so damn much

“I can’t breath” I tell him

And at this point I really want to know what was he thinking because of letting me go

So I can get some you know something called oxygen he instead tells me

“It happens that way sometimes.”

I laugh and I’m lost for words trying to figure out what the hell was he thinking

Any tighter and I’m afraid my ribs might break



“Seriously let me go cause I can’t breath you’re holding me too tight.”

He looks at me smiles, his gaze soft, and I can’t help but feeling at peace.

I can’t begin to understand why this one out of all of them but I say;

“Carlos, I think I’ll take this memory with me.”

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The Glitch Character Concepts: Heroes Edition

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Guys I’m A Cubs Fan….

APRIL FOOLS!! People walk through this world with so much baggage and those with the most baggage is the cub fans. All that false hope tisk tisk tisk…but seriously you couldn’t pay me enough to be loyal to a bunch of losers. I mean even if I lived to be the oldest woman ever they still would be championship-less. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I hear you Cubs Fans, “You can’t keep bragging about a championship back in 2005” but hey at least its still in the 21st century! When I’m still alive and kicking!! Can you tell that lovely brutal baseball rivalry is upon Chicago? To the season where friends, couples, and families become mortal enemies…its better than Christmas.

Well aside from the baseball season things are just a bit crazy in BrokeTown Studios. As for individual projects Hero’s Hubris comic is getting more and more exciting. And he started a new comic concept revolving around Van Helsing daughter….its amazing! I’ve been waiting for this one! Brenda is doing well in her craft she did a great BrokeTown Studios logo. Rocio is presenting The Stooie Bros with posters she been working on with me and she is editing the Book Of Days. Jonas is having fun with his synthesizer I can’t wait to hear what he got composed. I’m trying to get into the habit of writing in this blog every other day. And trying to cross off things to get done so far I have two done…only 298 to go…sigh. As a group The Glitch is coming along nicely we are up to 3 volumes; Hopefully some time in May we will release vol. 1. Some of us are helping a couple musicians we know. As mentioned earlier a group known as The Stooie Bros will be presented with concept posters, to be released to their fans. And there is a certain band from Canada we want to help do a show in Chicago I hope that goes well. If anyone out there reads these posts…whoever you are thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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