Chapter 2: Comrades

20 Mar

What the hell just happened? Where am I? Hector! Diablo! Remy! Eddie! Where are you guys?! Why is it dark? I get up I know I can’t possibly be in Chicago any longer because there is no scent of black and mild, there isn’t a sound of the police sirens in the distance, plus I hit a couple trees. So if I’m not in Little Village, then where the fuck am I? I keep walking around but there is something wrong, my back, it hurts like hell. When I reach to the spot my hand is covered in blood. But I can careless about my own health, the guys are my top priority right now. It’s really dark so it’s kind of hard to see, I must at least an hour I’m still lost nowhere to go. I call for the guys but its kills me. That every time I called for them it just falls on deaf ears. I trip over something rather large. I really don’t know what though I look through my pockets to find my mp3 for the light. From the light, I try to figure out who it is, from what I can tell it is a boy, he has long hair, maybe its Remy. I examine his face closely, the boy has black warpaint under his eyes it’s one of the fighters. Without thinking I punch him, I couldn’t help it, as far as I’m concern he deserves it, the boy looks up at me.
“Where are they?!” I said, he starts to get up I move back “What the hell did you do to my friends?” he stands in front of me staring me down. I clinch my fist so tight that I can see the white of my knuckles.

I went to punch him again, but this time he catches it. I try with my left hand; He catches the that one too, “Your friends? Those boys you were with?” he said, he has a good grip on me. He twist my arm and forces it down to my sides, thank-God my arms are double jointed but nevertheless it still hurts like hell. It comes to the point where it stand on my tip toes in order to lessen the pain I come face to face with the boy. “The ones you hurt, where are they?!”
“I didn’t hurt them, another man did.”
“Where the fuck are they?!” I said as I try to break away but its no use “Ahh, let me go.”
“I do not know where your comrades are” he said, he moves one of his hands on my back the blood is drying up now. I’m finally able to pull away, I start to walk I’m not going to argue with a man that is completely useless to me and who piss me off, just by looking at him.
“Do you know where you are headed?”
“No, and at this point I don’t care.” I start to walk faster but I guess it’s not as fast I thought because he manages to pull me back. “You are in the Moonlit Forest you won’t be able to find your friends until tomorrow morning.” He said, although it looks like he is saying this in a friendly way I can assure you that it wasn’t. I turn around, the cold exterior in his eyes makes me uneasy his eyes light up this dark forest I feel a knot in my throat. Funny, how things can change as soon as you meet a person in the eye. I finally muster up the courage to talk again but I don’t dare look him in the eye. “I have to try the guys are out there.” I meet his gaze again “Are you going to help me?”
“I don’t have much of a choice now do I?” he walks past me but not without grabbing my wrist. Oww, Although he is hurting me he doesn’t seem much of a bad guy, even if he is I probably wouldn’t be standing, now would I? At least not after what I did, I look at him
“My name is Katie, by the way.” I said
“Ezekiel, what are the names of your friends” Ezekiel said
“Well…how about this I introduce you to them.” Ezekiel leads the way,

We are silent through out the trip….Remy….please hang in there! We walk around for what it seems like two hours. I start to think that he doesn’t know where we were going. I want to use the light from the mp3 but Ezekiel tells me to put it away. I hear something in the distance it sounds like thunder Ezekiel stops “What is it?” I said, but he doesn’t respond, the sound is getting closer Ezekiel then pushes me “What the hell?” he walks towards me and he picks up something that sits between the two of us. “Nice to see you too, Allen.” Ezekiel said

The man known as Allen steps out of the shadows he’s on top of a horse “How was the trip?” Allen said
“Boring.” Ezekiel said
“And Filek?” Allen said
“Dead.” he said
“And this is?” Allen said, as he looks down at me with a sly smile
“Her name is Katie.” Ezekiel said, Allen gets off the horse and with that sly smile he raises my hand to his lips “What a pleasure it is to meet you.” He kisses my hand “So what is a lovely young lady like you doing with a vulgar man like Ezekiel?” Allen said
“She and her group of friends came along for the ride. Have you seen anyone that slightly resembles her appearance?” Ezekiel said, Allen studies me at all sides, I can honestly say felt a little molested.
“No, if I have seen something as exquisite as this creature before me then I would have surely remembered. But my men have seen two strange looking men.” Allen said

Wait a minute did he just call us strange I thought, but then I realized it was Halloween of course we look strange. I then spoke, “Excuse but what did these strange men look like?”
“One had a ring near his lower lip and had dark red hair.” Allen said
Hector I thought “And the other?” I said
“He had light brown curly hair and marking of a star with the words New York on his arm.” he said
And Diablo that can’t be good “Where are they?” I said
“My men thought they were a threat and so they placed them in a dungeon.” He said
“Can you take me to them?” I said
“First you’re going to the infirmary.” Ezekiel said
“The hell I am! I need to see if they are ok then I’m going to find the other two.” I said
“You do realize that you are going to die without medical treatment?” Ezekiel said
“Me and my friends wouldn’t be dying if it weren’t for you.” I said, Ezekiel couldn’t fight with me because he knew that I was right. Allen places his hands on my waist “What are you doing?” I said
“You are going to ride with me little lady.” Allen said, he places me on the horse and got on himself…he’s so warm. There must have been several reasons on why I fell asleep in Allen’s arms it might have been the lack of blood or the fact I have not slept in days but whatever it is I did not want to wake. I dreamt about home, about the friends I have left behind. They were at The Shack, cops circled the block with their car search lights on. Buu and the guys are standing in front of the shack door, I can hear people crying and calling our names in desperate hope that we will answer.
“I should have never told her to go.” Celestin said
“It’s not your fault.” Faye said
“Than who’s is it? They still be here is if I didn’t say anything.” Celestin said
“Don’t be so hard on yourself….shit happens.” Buu said
“It doesn’t make shit any easier.” Celestin said

When I woke up I heard the talk about a man named Flar and a prophecy, too bad I wasn’t paying attention to what they are saying but it sounds interesting. We approach a gate Ezekiel gets off the horse and goes to knock a man whom looks around his early thirties peeks out. “Oh, Lord Ezekiel Raise the gate!” he said, once inside it was unlike anything I have ever seen. I live in the city so you don’t see many castles. Its amazing the village is not large, but then again it isn’t small either. There is no sight of a Starbucks which in my opinion is perfectly fine. But there is a bar where people went to in the dead of night. While others slept soundly and in my awe something went brakaw!! My heart races twice its normal rate, stupid chicken! The knights laugh at me as we reach the castle, it has windows all over the places, from what I could see there is a balcony, its white it a hint of gold as a trim. A tower hides the moon, its light had makes the castle glow its unusual beautiful it is truly a sight that is best seen not describe by a poor writer such as myself.

He takes me to the dungeon; its dark but the candles lit the way in the distant, I hear voices coming from the furthest side of the dungeon its Diablo and Hector. “Let us go!” Diablo said
“Would you shut up?” Hector said
“What you say boy?” Diablo said
“I said shut up you’ve been at it for about two hours now. So why don’t you get it through your thick head they’re not letting us out (smack) what the fuck is wrong with you!” Hector said, when I get there Diablo is pinned to the ground and Hector is sitting on him. With his hands wrap around his throat, Diablo kicks him off and he takes off his spike bracelet to wrap it around his knuckles. He’s planning to use it as a weapon he goes after Hector, I try to separate them. I have my back turn to Diablo so that I could help Hector gets on his feet, stupid me. Instead of Hector getting hit with the bracelet, instead of Diablo stopping, no in his blind rage I get hit. “Ahh, what the hell is wrong with you, pinche puto?!” I fall floor crouching in the fetish position
“Katie!” I heard Hector say “Why did you hit her for?!”
“I thought it was you! Katie, I’m sorry.” Diablo said as he went to go pick me up and I punch him right in the chest. As he gasps for air “What the fuck?! I said I was sorry!” I turn around to face him.
“Now we’re even.” I said “and you, stop fighting with everybody, geez!”

I’m sorry.” Hector said

The world begins to spin, Allen comes towards me he picks me up “Now you are going to listen to me, we are taking you to see Dr. Sabetelli.” We get to the bed they had told Ezekiel to head to the bed across from mine. I look at him but it seems as if he wasn’t really hurt at all. But maybe he was just use to it that’s all, Allen order one of the soldiers to go get two men named Dr. Sabetelli and Obadiah the soldier did what he was told. “Take off your shirt.” Allen said
“Huh?” I said
“Take off your shirt and lie on your stomach.” Allen said
“Hell if I didn’t know better then I say your hitting on me. Just remember to buy me dinner first” I said
“Katie, this is not a time to joke.” Hector said
“I’ll think about buying you dinner though.” Allen said to me with a wink, I smile back. Hector helps me take off the jacket, my sweater and my work shirt, thank God I remembered to wear my undershirt. They see the severity of the wound that inflicted my body earlier. “Damn Katie, are you sure your alright?” Diablo said
“I don’t know, I feel kind of dizzy, but hey how is my tattoo?” I said as I lay down flat on my stomach
“Your hurt, bleeding, and dizzy but all you care about is your tattoo?” Hector said
“Sentimental reasons.” I said
“Your angel’s arm has a gash on his arm.” Diablo said. The doctors finally come, I fell hands holding me down


Ten minutes;Ten whole fuckin minutes…I had to lay there crying and swearing in both English and Spanish. While my skin seems to be melting off, when the ordeal is over they pour ice cold water down my back. I sit up
“What the hell did you do to me?!” to one of the doctors, but they ignore me instead they turn to Allen. “Why did you not bring them earlier?” the younger looking one said,
“The girl refused to come without looking for her comrades; she said that she rather die.” Allen said.
“IF you would have waited longer that would have happened! You are a knight of Darkmoon it is your duty to take care of the injured first.” the doctor said, I look down, a little ashamed of my actions. They leave to go help Ezekiel; I look to Allen who only smiles at me he turns around to follow them. Leaving me and the guys alone I wipe my eyes “Hey I got a question.” I said
“What is it?” Diablo said
“What the hell went on? The last thing I remembered.” as I put on my work shirt on “Is us being at The Shack, now where in some damn place that is not even close to Little Village.” Diablo and Hector both look at one another “What’s that dude’s name?” Diablo said snapping his fingers and thinking hard “with the long hair?”
“You mean Ezekiel?” I said
“Yeah that’s the guy that saved us, the same guy that attacked me and these penedejos earlier, Attacked both you and Eddie when you guys came out of the shack. Ezekiel then tackled the guy before he could kill the both of you. The guy then hit his head on the concrete but he still kept fighting. Hector tried to save the both of you pero esté joto, got hurt in the process.”
“You did? Where?” I said
“On my leg.” Hector said
“Does it hurt?” I said
“Not any more.” Hector said
“So what else happened?” I said
“Ezekiel was on top of the guy he had his sword to the guys throat and the last thing that guy said was ‘the war has yet to begin’ and Ezekiel said ‘yes but we’ll be the victor’ and with that Ezekiel cut the guy’s head off.” Diablo said
“So how did we end up here?” I said
“I’ll answer this one, Ezekiel picked you up, he started to walk away with you in his arms, so I got up and yelled ‘Where the hell are you taking her?!’ but all he did was look at me and he kept walking. So I ran after you, Ezekiel then look at me and said ‘You are all in danger and if you don’t follow me you will surly die.’ It sounded like something out of the movies.” Hector said
“Terminator?” I said

Tell me about it.” Diablo said

What?” Hector said

That your pretty.” I said

Shut up, anywho, I asked him what do you mean and he said ‘the venom from that man sword is injected into your bodies in a matter of an hour you will die. I’m taking her with me so she can get an antidote I suggest you do the same.’ We had no choice but to go, Diablo got Eddie and I got Remy.” Hector said
“And where’s my book bag?” I said Diablo hands it to me “So how did you end up in jail?”
“Este pendejo,” Hector said “threw a rock at the wrong person.”
“I thought that he was going to attack, excuse me for trying to defend us.” Diablo said as they fought I get up and start to walk away “Hey where are you going?” Hector said

I turn around, I look at them, and wonder if they really are that clueless? Or is they just stupid? Does they not realize that there are two people missing in the group?
“I’m tired Diablo but I can’t go to sleep knowing that Eddie and Remy are out there somewhere.” I keep walking despite Hector’s and Diablo’s protest. I look at my surroundings blood is smeared on the walls. Screams are heard in the darkness, I hate hospitals. I look up ahead people are coming my way. Everyone around us kneels, even some of the injured found strength to pay respect. I hear the guys chatting in the background “Hey, Hector isn’t that the guy I hit.” Diablo said
“Yeah that is.” Hector said
“Then we are in deep shit.” Diablo said
“Who’s we? You’re on your own” Hector said as he comes to my side. The man stands in front of us, he looks quiet young I say at least about my age which is about 22 years old. He is with a little girl, she is about 5 years old. A young woman that looked about 17 years old, she has her eye on Hector. The man said “My name is Edwin and I am the King of Darkmoon, these are my sisters Kara,” He points to the little girl, who hides behind Edwin, from behind him she smiles at me and waves.
“My name is Jezebel.” She said

She has her hand out, as the playboy Hector is he gladly takes the Princess hand and kisses it. Princess Jezebel pulls back giggling, blushing, and acting as if she were a child on the playground being kiss for the first time. “My name is Katie and these are my friends Hector and Diablo.”
“My men told me that you are not from this world is that true?” he said
“Yup, that sounds about right.”
“May I ask, where are you from?”
“A place called Chicago.”
“How did you get here?”
“Listen, if I wasn’t so confused myself, then hell, I’ll be more than glad to tell you myself.”
“Katie, quit being a smart ass!” Diablo said
“It’s not being a smart ass if I’m telling the truth… (Sigh) listen one of your men came into our world and began a fight. As the result my men got serious injured, we were than separated, and somewhere out there is the rest of my men. Hopefully they are not dead, so forgive me if I do not answer you in the most pleasant way possible.”
“I know you are upset.” King Edwin said
“No, no, no querido, el contratiempo es para los marricones, I on the other hand am pissed off!”
“You are over stepping your bounds!” Princess Jezebel said the guards at their side were ready to take us back to the dungeon. I look at them I have my hand clench to a fist “Does it look like I give a shit?” I step forward but I’m yank back, by both Diablo and Hector “Katie, Chill!” Diablo said, I slip away from Diablo, I start to walk but the guys jump on me and pin me to the floor.
“I got better things to do than start a fight here and get off me! You’re hurting me!” I said.

The King isn’t angry from what I said actually he looked rather calm. He said to us “I understand how you feel and I know it must be your top priority to find your men. But as you stay in our world, you will remain here as my guest.” the guys thank him, the king even escorts us to our bedrooms the guys called dibs in the first two rooms. But it isn’t anything special just a room with a bed and one window. As we get to my bedroom to my amazement its magnificent. It has a fire place between two windows. In the middle of the room is a canopy bed with curtains that were the color of red wine. On the ceiling is a mural of angels that watch me, in the far left corner is a desk with a chair. On the desk books are they are about armor, weapons, amulets, there is also a blank journal. Two chairs and a table sat in the far right corner; I place my book bag on the bed “I hope you enjoy your stay.” King Edwin said
“King Edwin…I don’t understand…I mean I really don’t deserve this room not after all I said.”
“You were in every right to be angry, so do not fret about it any further.” King Edwin
“Good night.” Allen said
“Uh, Allen.”

“Yes?” he said. I walk up to him and I look him in the eye “I’m sorry I got you in trouble.” He places his hand on my head and smile “You were worried about your friends; I would’ve done the same in your position.” He said
“What about Ezekiel will he be ok?” I said
“Ezekiel? He’s fine actually he is walking about as we speak, now good night.” He said
they leave me in the room alone, I lay on the bed knowing full well I have to get back up. Too bad I can’t because laying here feels as if I laid clouds themselves. I close my eyes, but I have to get up five minutes..just five minutes that’s all I need.


I hear wedding bells; I’m in a dress, I look around I’m in Epiphany Church there is people laughing all around me. Most of them I know, the guys are in the corner wearing suites. They are acting as if they are part of the mafia, they have a list in their hands. “I’m sorry sir who are you?” Alanni says, to Gerardo “Check the list for As We March.” Buu looks through the list,
“It says here that you didn’t strip at the bachelor party.” Buu says to Spooner the second vocalist for As We March “Well sir I have to ask you to show me your boob.” But who’s wedding is this? Someone places their arms around me, “Thanks for coming; this means the world to me.” Remy voice, I turn around “I can’t believe that you’re marrying a girl, man!” Buu said, as he starts to cry

“I can’t believe that you’re not marrying me!” Buu becomes hysterical, my guys are an odd bunch but their not gay at least I don’t think so well maybe one or five…you know what I’ll ask later.
“I’m sorry Buu it’s not you it’s me, you deserve someone like Spooner.” Remy said, Spooner pops his collar, Remy starts to caress Buu’s Face, and Buu screams
“Stop it!” he tries to fend Remy off “I’m not gay!!” He starts to cry louder than ever, the people in the church look at us. We all start to laugh, as Buu goes into a corner and curls into a ball he cries.
“Come on you know you like it.” Remy said, blowing Buu a kiss
“Hey Buu how about you come with us to the honey moon, I mean I don’t mind sharing.” A woman voice is heard behind us. I look to the floor, a white dress, with the hint of black, holding blue roses. Her hair like starlight and eyes like staring into the ocean, she is stunning. Some of the guys bite their knuckles, others turn around smiling, “Anastasia, you wouldn’t know what to do with all this sexiness.” Buu rubs his belly “Oh Buu you just don’t know.” Anastasia said
“Its bad luck to see the bride.” Remy said, as he goes up to her and kiss her. The weeding ceremony begins “do you Niilo Mukka take Anastasia as your lawful wedded bride.”

I do.” he said, the church roof begins to crumple, exposing a bright sun I look up my hands over my eyes. The sun gets brighter, I soon have to shut my eyes.


I open my eyes, I look in front of me what did my dad say about dreaming of a wedding? I see two figures coming in one of them runs to the bed and jumps it elbows me in the stomach. “Aww you fuckin asshole,” I said as I curl up in a ball a wannabe maniacal laugh comes from the shadows “Screw you, Diablo.”
“Why are you still in your costume?” he said
“Why do you wear esa cara de chango year round?” I said
“Chinga tu madre.” He said
“Y la tu ya también.”
“So what are you supposed to be?” Hector said, sitting next to me on my bed, I look at myself
“A bouncer/boxer at your service.” I said. “hey you know your going to have to wear el chavo del ocho until we go home.”

I know…I hope we go home soon.” Diablo walks around the room looking at everything; he comes by the curtains touching them. He said “Mira muy chingon con su curtains on the bed!”
“Soy mujer guey, so maybe that’s why I got the better room. If you’re here to pick a fight with me then you can leave.” I said
“You know what?” Diablo said
“What?” I said
“How about, you give us this room.” Diablo said
“No.” I said
“Then we’ll take it by force, Hector help me.” Diablo said, they surround me despite my kicking, biting, I even accidentally hitting them in the face. They still mange to toss me out of the room I get up and start to bang on the door. I yell at them to let me in but they refuse. Two guards who hear my yelling turn the corner “Do you need any help getting into your room?” One of the guards asked
“No, I’m fine.” I said, the guards look at me oddly but, nevertheless they leave “You guys are jerks! You can at least throw me a blanket or something!” They open the door but only a small enough to push a blanket and a pillow through. “Assholes!” frustrated I start to walk around, where is one of those
you are here maps when I actually need them.

After a while in this large castle I find myself at the library. There I see an enormous painting of four warriors but its too hard to see due to darkness of the room. But from what I could tell they were in the middle of a war zone on the bottom there is a plaque that reads: Although they have brought peace to one world their world is far from saving. An old man look at me he then starts to shout “She’s here! She’s here! The one that will save us from Flar’s wrath is here!” he gets down on knees and then he starts to kiss my foot
“Get away from me you creepy old man!” I said, trying to shake him off without hurting him
“Mason! Stop can’t you see your scaring her.” Allen said, I’m relieve to see him
“But Lord Allen do you not see her? The Mother Goddess has sent her children!” the old man said
“That just an old wives tale,” he said, then he looks at me “what are you doing up at this hour?”
“The boys that I came with, kicked me out of my room Allen, can I ask you something?”
“What is it?” He said
“What does that old man mean by the Mother Goddess has sent her children?” I asked
“You are the answer to our prayers!” the old men said “tell her Allen!”

Allen looks up at the painting and I do the same, my eyes than wonder to the ceiling that has a window that lets the moonlight in. My eyes follow the moonlight, down to Allen’s fire hair; I gazed into his forest green eyes, and unto his muscular body going through every little bump I come across. I admit I have to stop before I do something I might regret. Like you I am only human, I look away a little bashful I suppose he caught me because he smiles, he places his hand on my shoulders, and said “It’s late, so let’s save this conversation for tomorrow.”
“That’s if I can sleep.” I said, maybe at one point tonight I had my chance but not any more, now I’m worried about Remy and Eddie I’m going and try to find them. I walk out of the library and keep walking until I found the door that leads to the village. I keep walking across the village until I stand in front of entrance of the kingdom the gate its open. I wonder who would do stupid thing like that? Is guessing that this kingdom is not afraid of being invaded.

But than why would they have a gate and a gatekeeper by the way where is he? Oh well, makes it easier for me to sneak out, in the forest I hear something rustling in the bushes, I see two figures standing in the darkness; “Remy! Eddie!” I said, one figure is coming my way
“What are you doing here?” Ezekiel said, I look behind him the other shadow is gone
“Well there go my hopes” I said I look at him; he is still waiting for my answer “I got kicked out of my room.”
“By who?” Ezekiel asked.
“The boys I came with since I wasn’t able to return to my room, I started to walk then I got worried about Remy and Eddie and so here I am.”
“We can look for them tomorrow.” He said, I hear can clip, clop, clip, clop, noisy wooden wheels rolled across the dirt road, it is coming from behind me. I turn around to see Allen sitting in front of a wagon filled with hay in the back.
“Did you follow me?” I asked him
“I saw you leave the castle from the library window, I thought that you might go look for your two friends and thought this could be of some use.” He said, so Ezekiel and I start to walk we were deep in the forest now and in the distances we spot a light.

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