Riding Towards The Sun Final (1 OF 2)

14 Mar

Have you ever heard of that song? Rayando El Sol it by a band named Mana, they been my favorite Spanish rock band. For as long as I could remember my dad is the one that got me into them. I remember playing their cassette on the stereo. When I was a kid, Rayando El Sol means Riding the Sun. Fher says that “It’s much easier to ride towards the sun than it is to your heart.” I told that to him a long time ago. Well along the lines of that “its much easier to ride towards the sun than to people’s hearts.”

I love that song and when I play most of the Mana songs. They remind me of him the things Fher sings about its exactly what I need to hear. Music is an amazing thing it can bring people together and its very diverse. And we you need cheering up its always there.

Wednesday night:

Right before Sydney went off, Ireland, Germany (sorry forgot to ask their names but I know where there from) and I were all talking in the room. Sydney had some back pains and she was lying on the floor. I wanted to ease her pain so I ran downstairs and took my book bag out of my locker. They haven’t given me a reason not to trust them. In the locker is my Jessie doll I stare at her a little self conscious about taking her upstairs. But I do it anyway I set her down and start looking through my book bag. Ireland looks at Jessie adoringly I look down at Jessie feeling silly of leaving her in the locker how can anyone not like her? “she talks to.” I said as I pull Jessie’s string she yodels the girls laugh. I find the aspirin but Sydney refuses to take it.

“My nephew plays with her when he visits so I wouldn’t miss him I brought her along.”

“I can’t say anything I have a bear I take everywhere with me.” Ireland says, she pulls an old bear from the back of her bed, “He’s 35 years old.”

“Wow he looks good for his age.” I said, the other girls laugh

“I had him since I was a kid and I take him everywhere.” she shows us the patches on her bag she’s quit the traveler

“I have a blankie.” Sydney says sheepishly “my friends gave me shit for bring it…do you want to see it?”

“Sure.” Sydney pulls out this little piece of a worn out blanket

“When I was a baby this thing was huge! Now all I have is this and its been everywhere with me.”

Ireland than pulls out two little teddys “my parents gave me these for graduation.”

“I think everyone has something they travel with in order so they won’t miss home.” Germany said

“I’m going home soon and I can’t wait to see my nephew he’s mad at me right now.” they laugh


“Cause he wanted to come with.”

“Aww poor kid you should have brought him.”

“Next time I plan to.”

“Home.” Ireland says they all look down thinking of the place they spent their childhood it must have been a happy childhood. Because they look like they miss this place “this is home now.” Ireland throws her hands in the air. And I look around the room ten bunk beds, yellow walls, our clothes on the floor, blue and green curtains, covering a window overlooking a sky line, and lockers. This is the place most of them called home for months and plan on coming back, I do too. The life of a traveler is a lonely road all though the world is big. Home is where you truly feel like you belong. For me home is where I’m trying to find…for now its Chicago and I love it there.

Thursday night:

It took a half an hour of getting lost in the rain for me to give up and decide to take the train…i hate the subway here. In order to get to the subway you have to pass a crowd of people through a freakin mall! Do you know how annoying that is when you got luggage?! I never been a mall rat if I need something I go in there. But other than that never to get to the train I had to cut through sears…it sucked! Why couldn’t it be like home get to the station go upstairs and get to where you’re going.

I found the train station and I walked in about to pay my ticket…when I saw a person that look like Angel. Angel is a friend of mine that passed away a couple years ago. I stand there in the middle of the station staring at him as he passes by. I pay my fare and get on my way I start to cry…i miss Angel I miss him shaking me violently screaming “Katie Depeche Mode!” he demands that I put Dephece Mode in his Ipod and I being a jerk refuses. On Friday before he died that Sunday we were hanging out by this church that hands out food. The line was long and all though me and Faye don’t want to be there we still go. Angel made the line bearable that day there were cops on the corner and I started calling at them. “sir this is the man you are looking for he’s the baby carriage kicker.”

“Sir I don’t know what this girl is telling you. I’m not the K-Town Strangler, The Baby Carriage Kicker, I do not have sex with hookers in cardboard boxes.” my brother and I laugh “I mean all though the description of the suspect is very, very, similar too me I swear its not me.”

Angel he was built like a tank, mean looking, gang banger, but he was none of those things. He just was a big old nerd into anime and comics. And who gave me candy jolly ranchers manly, I make it to the golden griddle Jeff’s friends are way in the back having fun. I stare at them I don’t want to go back there not like this. I’m happy that the waitress placed me in a corner where they can’t see me. Because I cry remembering Angel and how I wish my Ex-Oscar was around so that we may talk about our mutual friend. “I’m so tired, so sleep.” I use that line sometimes or my favorite “i was so poor I never had a toy, thank-god I was born a boy or I have nothing to play with.” that line made old man turn around and shake our hands for making him laugh. Angel you were a great friend who kept me laughing and gave me jolly ranchers I miss you man. I haven’t eaten a jolly rancher since than or even gone by that church….its been a while but it still hurts.

What’s the golden Mexican rule? Follow the crowd because ten times out of the nine they are headed where you are. Ahh being a Mexican comes with perks. After ten minutes of trying to stomach down the burger I give up. Moment of truth I don’t see Jeff among them I grab the first girl I see

“Are you the YFE family?”


“Do you know Jeff?”

“Yes of course! My name is Julie what’s yours?”

“Kary its nice to meet you.”

“You were over there in the corner by yourself you should have come by us.” I don’t feel like telling Julie the reason why I didn’t sit by them instead I say “I feel a little sick, that’s why.” they ask me questions and I answer them honestly “I’m sorry Julie I don’t know who any of you are I just know Jeff But don’t feel bad I don’t follow my little brother’s band that much.”

“Its no problem by the end of the night you’ll know everyone.” she starts to introduce me to everyone I explained that I was working there and decide to take off to come see him. They all speak to me and they are very kind but I’m a little distracted by the glitch I want to work on that the most. So when we hit this mall and while we waited I sat on the back. Away from everyone Julie urges me to join the rest but I refuse. I write never stopping to even look up they come to talk to me but I’m busy trying to beat hero. Then it happens it hurts I get a writers cramp it hurts so much! I stop and I start moving it, it hurts the guys next to me notices. He tries to flirt with me but I’m not too interested in him.

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