Riding Towards The Sun Pt. 1

24 Feb

“So a week away from the CMW you must be excited.” Hero said to me we just drop off Rocio. When I talk to Hero I’m always honest with him because he knows how to listen. And he won’t tell me something I already know. “Are you kidding me?! I wanna runaway and crawl up in a ball somewhere.” I said, he starts to laugh.

“Well you hide it pretty well.” he said, there are several different reasons why I’m going to the CMW. The two major ones are because 1) they have a film festival I want to check it out. To see if it will be worth sending our work, because if everyone is enjoying the concerts. Than who is watching the movies? 2) I have a friend named Jeff, who will be playing at one of the venues. We have been talking for years now but never actually met you, guessed it an internet friend. To tell you the truth I don’t really like having Internet friends. Cause well I’m an old school kind of girl I don’t own a cell phone, I prefer to talk face to face, and the people I know are a handful enough. I don’t need 10000 people on my Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace who I will never speak to. The only piece of technology I need, is my computer and it does everything I need it to do. Plus it has more memory, well any who back to the CMW. For years Jeff has been trying to get me to go and met him at the CMW but I never actually took up the offer.

Although I have gone to Montreal where he lives and I hung out there for a week. Even than we didn’t met, I really needed a break and he was too busy moving. He did message me the day I left. Looking for a number to contact me on, I didn’t give him one. I told him. “By the time you gets this message I will already be in Chicago a little late huh Casanova?”

Casanova is what I call him when I feel like teasing him, he’s such a chick magnet. A week away from meeting him and I’m terrified. I don’t feel like going at times I want someone else to go and take my place. Why am I so scared? Well that’s easy…I’m not going to tell you.

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