FreeWrite #1

19 Feb

What happens when you lost it all? You start again you start all over again i walk barefoot outside feeling the warmth of the pavement under my feet. This is probably the only reason why i like the summer no police siren out tonight everybody is too busy making love. With no moon in sight i look for the stars i find one…no two. And remember the first time i went camping and how they stopped me dead in my tracks, watching them shine in the midnight sky. Someone said “they look unforgivably beautiful” i gave them all names that night but forgot them all…beware of passion no one will understand you. A man once said to me i fear that he might be right. Inspired by Bonafide Rojas i hide behind everything in my room of broken pencils and exploded pens. Lights off because its hot as it is, Sade plays very very low. She cannot changelle the silence my right hand moving erratically, my left almost motionless except for the running fingers. If you could read my mind than why must i speak? so here i stand unedited, unframed, unfinished, the most incomplete woman you will ever see. And tonight i cherish that title more than you will ever know. Tonight i find myself again and i will hide it under my bed with the two stars. the sun is rising and i will sleep, sleep, sleep, my sweet.


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Posted by on February 19, 2011 in Free Write


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